Write to the DA

Write to your District Attorney today to support prosecutorial integrity. Copy this text below and paste it into your favorite text editor, date and sign it, and mail it to your local DA.


District Attorney’s office

Dear District Attorney,

The Veritas Initiative report, a Preventable Error, found that prosecutors in California committed misconduct, on average, once a week from 1997-2009. Another major finding of the report was that prosecutors are rarely publicly disciplined for their misconduct. For more information about the study and other information on this issue, please go to http://www.VeritasInitiative.org.

The problems of prosecutorial misconduct and the lack of accountability in the justice system in our state are appalling.

I am writing to urge you to follow the recommendations in the report: the California District Attorneys Association working in conjunction with the California State Bar and California Public Defenders Association, should (1) develop a course specifically designed to address ethical issues that commonly arise in criminal cases, (2) adopt internal policies that do not tolerate misconduct and establish internal reviews of error, and (3) in conjunction with California law enforcement agencies, adopt written administrative exculpatory evidence policies to govern Brady compliance.

Our criminal justice system is built on the principals of integrity and fairness and prosecutors have a great responsibility. The misconduct found in the Veritas Initiative report is preventable. I am asking you to take the lead in strengthening the integrity of our justice system in California, starting today.